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Posted on Sep 25, 2019

Flow Bodyworks Massage & Yoga

Our glutes. Need. Attention. They are either working hard or not working at all, ALL of the time! OVERused = tight = sore. UNDERused = tight = sore. Maybe you don’t KNOW yours are tight and sore, but for most of us they are ... Perhaps you’ll realize that’s true for you during a massage session. It’s important to get bodywork in the glutes and the deeper lateral rotators to help release OVERALL body tension! We hold sooooo much tension in our glutes! In fact, back, hip, and knee pain can all be directly or indirectly caused by tight glutes and the deeper lateral rotators! With THAI MASSAGE, they’re easier to access because you are fully clothed. In your PERSONALIZED full-body Thai Massage, you can receive deep compressions applied with broad “hurts-so-good” pressure and direct acupressure to help release sticky fascia and increase blood flow and mobility. Call me to schedule your Thai Massage! Or please call with any questions! Clickable link to call below.
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